Network Monitoring

Monitor in- and outgoing network requests for your application.

Powered by RocketSim Connect, you’re able to monitor in- and outgoing network requests for your app.

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Being able to see which requests are running is essential for a fast development workflow.

How does this work?

RocketSim Connect’s dynamic library gets loaded at runtime and swizzles URLSession methods to catch networking activity.

Do I need to set up a proxy or certificates?

Nope! Integrating RocketSim Connect is all you need.

Powered by open-sourced framework Pulse

Network monitoring is made possible by Pulse, an open-sourced library developed by Alex Grebenyuk. For a more advanced Network Logger that includes powerful mocking capabilities, advanced filtering, and more — check out Pulse Pro.

I see things that can be improved, can I contribute?

Yes! Since RocketSim uses Pulse, you’re able to create a fork and commit any changes you like. RocketSim will regularly merge latest changes, so you’re able to improve RocketSim.

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