Selecting Xcode and providing permissions

During the first launch, you’ll be asked to provide several permissions that are required for RocketSim to function properly. RocketSim is a sandboxed application, meaning it’s secure but also requires explicit access to certain capabilities.

Setting up permissions

RocketSim requires a few permissions to be able to access the Simulator and its builds.


Make sure to select the latest version of Xcode. RocketSim uses your Xcode application to fetch Simulator metadata and communicate with the Simulator.

We will re-ask for your Xcode Path in case a link your Xcode is lost or if we indicate a new Simulator that mismatches your currently configured Xcode.

Screen Recording

RocketSim uses Screen Recording permissions to read the Simulator’s window name and match it to the right device. Without permissions, we would only be able to see "Simulator" as a window name, making it impossible to properly calculate screen dimensions. These permissions are also used to record audio if enabled for Simulator captures.

Developer Directory

This is the directory in which your recent builds are stored. By providing access, RocketSim can show your most recent builds per Simulator and enhance your experience.

Exploring the Side Window

Once configured, you’re ready to get started with RocketSim. Make sure to open a Simulator and see if the RocketSim side window shows up:

Notion image

If so, you’re ready to continue your journey by configuring your first App Actions.

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